High flying grooming excellence for your furry co-pilot

Small: <7kg 

Medium: 8 – 16kg

High flying grooming excellence for your furry co-pilot

At 26 Paws Westfield Chermside, we’ve taken dog grooming in Brisbane to new heights, providing a quirky travel-themed experience for your beloved small to medium-sized furry co-pilots. From check-in to check-out, your pooches will embark on an adventure like no other.

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No Credit Card Surcharges either 🙂

T&Cs apply.


Why book with 26 Paws?

We specialise in small to medium size (<16kg) dogs only

Convenience to shop or dine while we make your dog shine

Individual custom designed comfortable pens 

Premium coat specific product, top of the line equipment and tools

Knowing your dog is in expert hands with groomers averaging over 15 years of experience

Cage-free drying in a calming environment. Perfect for anxious dogs.

Process for Grooming Take-Off

Pre-Book Online

Like flying, pre-booking your grooming appointment online with all your on-boarding information is essential. And don’t forget to book any delightful in-groom add-ons to enhance the journey. For first-time travelers, a complimentary 10-minute pre-groom assessment* can be booked to ensure a smooth take-off.


Arrive on time for your take-off appointment so we can check-in your precious pooch. Our friendly ground crew will finalise the quote for the grooming service.

Any excess baggage, like collars or personal items will be handed back to you for safekeeping.

Wave good-bye

Bid farewell to your beloved companion as they embark on their grooming adventure with our 5-star grooming crew. They’ll be pampered at every step of the journey:

  • Pre-flight (bath & dry)
  • In-flight grooming, whether it’s a short-haul flight (shorter summer style clip), a long-haul flight (longer style clip), or if they’re in transit (in-between groom)
  • Post-flight relaxation in our beautifully designed gated waiting area

For those looking for a truly luxurious experience, upgrade to business class, and your VIP pooches will enjoy:

  • Access to our Premium Lounge (larger custom built play pen) with a plush mat, toy & doggy treat
  • Stylish accessory
  • A personalised report card with before and after photos of your furry traveller

Ready for Passenger Pickup

You will receive a notification 30 minutes before your loved one is ready for pickup in our arrivals hall. Please ensure you pick them up on time.


To avoid disappointment (& potential dematting fees), we encourage you to book a recurring schedule for your ongoing dog grooming service so they don’t miss out on their next adventure. 

Frequent Flyer Grooming Bonus

For every 10th groom, get a FREE business class upgrade PLUS an exclusive 26 Paws VIP bandana

Dog Grooming Services

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our easy to use online system to save time on the day and to ensure we have all the information we require for a smooth check-in process. Any issues, don’t hesitate to call or email us. 

Until we see your dog, we don’t know the condition of the coat, size of the dog and it’s behaviour (during the groom). We always aim to charge a fair price but it will be dependent on time taken to groom.

We’ve created a luxurious grooming salon that prioritises your dog’s comfort and aims for a stress-free experience. Our salon is equipped with top-of-the-line tools and equipment and you can rest assured that your dog is in expert hands. Our groomers have an average of over 15 years experience.  Located in a prime spot within a major shopping center, our establishment provides the convenience for you to shop, do your groceries, or enjoy a meal at Table 26’s pet & kid-friendly cafe next door. Read more.

Unfortunately we don’t offer day care but we have a “Drop ‘n’ Shop” service where we can look after your dog for 1 or 2 hours. Book here.

We would rather be fair on our pricing so that weekday customers are not paying extra to balance of the higher staff wages on weekends. Therefore, as wages are higher on weekends, we need to apply a 15% weekend surcharge to simply cover the costs.  

Please allow for up to approx. between 2 hours – 4 hours. However, this is dependent on various factors. Please also note, if there have been unexpected delays with previous dogs due to anxiety, difficult behavior, etc, this may push out your pickup time. We apologise for any inconvenience but will text you 30 mins prior to advise expected pick-up time.  

This is dependent on size and coat length but feel free to contact us prior to booking if you have any questions. We recommend your puppy’s first groom should be the “In Between Groom”. View our services.

This will depend on coat type and if they are groomed in between. Short clips can be done between 6-8 weeks but if you prefer a longer clip, we recommend 4-6 weeks with an “In Between Groom” or “Bath and blow dry” in between. View our services.

Yes. Your dog must be up to date with all vaccines, worming flea and tick treatment for the safety of all the other dogs.

Due to the size of the salon & type of equipment, we cannot accept larger dogs. As your booking has taken up an appointment slot, you will be charged full payment.

Unfortunately not. We find less distraction means the dogs are calmer and provide a safe and comfortable environment for both groomer and dog. 

We have individual custom built enclosures so they will have their own individual spacious play pens before and after grooming. If they are from the same family, we tend to keep them together. In addition, our groomers are very accommodating in caring for anxious dogs to make them feel comfortable and safe.

We don’t do hand-stripping, or show style grooming, ear plucking anal glands. 

For puppies who are over 12 weeks and fully vaccinated, we recommend an In Between Groom. Once they comfortable and over 6 months, you could look at other full grooming options.

You don’t have your nails done too, ears cleaned, go 8 weeks without washing, bite & scratch your hairdresser, move around constantly and have your private parts washed & shaved 😅 .